7 steps to starting your own digital video channel

April 23, 2021


We get it: It’s always a bit scary to dive into something new.

But honestly? It really doesn’t have to be.

With the right tools and a solid plan, you’ll get your digital business off the ground in no time.

Remember: You’re already the expert. Your audience wants what you’re offering. So you’re likely facing three hurdles:

  1. 1. Finding a way to monetize your video content
    2. Building an engaged community of loyal fans
    3. Having a basic marketing plan in place


Boon.tv helps you take care of the first two challenges. We’ve built Boon.tv with creators like you in mind. We give you a simple, meaningful way to build your business:

  • Claim your space: Launch and personalize your very own creator page.
  • Produce amazing videos: From live streaming to high-quality uploads. You can do it all in one place.
  • Cultivate a community: Your channel’s a place for your most dedicated fans. Engage fans with polls, share text and photos, and get their feedback on your content.
  • Earn a living: Monetize your content with monthly memberships, events, pay-per-view videos, and more.
  • Get help to succeed: Your success is our success. So we’re here to help you every step of the way. Get direct, no-bullshit sparring from our team at any time.


Yet the platform itself is just one piece of the puzzle. What you need to consider is your future business plan.

It’s not as overwhelming as it sounds. Let us walk you through it.


To get the best out of Boon.tv, follow these 7 steps.

1. Define your purpose

Here’s the truth: In the end, this isn’t really about you and your content. It’s about what value you bring to your audience.


Are you here to entertain or educate? Do you want viewers to passively consume videos or do you expect them to become active participants? Are you building a community or a one-way video distribution channel?


But you do also need to consider your long-term goals. What does your ideal future look like? Is Boon.tv a side gig or do you hope to turn it into your primary source of income?


Answering these questions honestly will determine how you approach the rest of your marketing plan.

2. Map out your schedule

Now that you have an idea of where you’re heading, you must carve out enough time to do the work.


If Boon.tv is a hobby, you’ll only need a few hours a week. If it’s your future primary business, you’re looking at a full-time commitment (and then some).


Whatever it is, you’ll want to create a realistic schedule and stick with it. At the very least, factor in the following activities:

  • Producing and uploading video content
  • Interacting with your audience
  • Promoting your Boon.tv channel


We suggest quite literally scheduling dedicated blocks of time into your Google Calendar (or your Apple calendar, we don’t judge). Doing so will keep you focused and accountable.


Of course, you’re free to stick to a process that works best for you. Just stay realistic about how much time you’re able to give versus how much you expect to accomplish.

3. Set up your Boon.tv channel

You’re now ready to set up your Boon.tv page.

To begin with, you’ll have to make a few key decisions.

Live streaming or pre-recorded videos?

What’s your primary way of engaging with your audience? Will you host virtual events and live stream them in real time? Or will you create high-quality, polished instructional videos to be viewed on demand?


If live streaming is your game, we recommend grabbing the Boon.tv app for iOS or Android devices. It’s designed to turn the smartphone in your pocket into a full-fledged live-streaming studio.

Pay-per-view or membership?

Boon.tv offers two ways to monetize your content:


  • Pay-per-view: You set a price for each individual video and let your customers pay for the ones they want to watch. (This option is best for channels that publish less frequently but put more effort into each individual video.)
  • Membership: Let your customers pay a fixed membership fee that gives them unlimited access to your entire library. (This is a great choice if you’re posting or live streaming multiple times a week and expect a high degree of audience engagement.)


Psst! Guess what? You can have both. But if you’re not quite sure, you don’t have to choose just yet. You can also let your customers decide which model works for them in the polls on your channel. This should help maximize your revenue by appealing to all groups of members. 


Here is a guide to using boon


4. Plan your launch 

Your initial launch can be a carefully planned affair, or you can simply jump right in.


You can start by posting a single video and seeing how your audience reacts. This lets you stay flexible and adjust your content based on any feedback you get.


Alternatively, you can pre-record a series of videos to have a launch pipeline ready to go. This option gives you the chance to build anticipation prior to launch by creating sneak peek content that gives people a taste of what’s to come.


Whichever path you choose, make sure that it aligns with your long-term goals and the amount of time you’ve scheduled in step #2.

5. Get your promotion in place

The effort you put into your early promotion is directly proportional to the degree of success you’ll have.


While there’s no need to overthink this step, you do want to at least consider the following:

Your elevator pitch

Start with a short elevator pitch: Why should people follow your Boon.tv channel? What’s in it for them? How often can they expect you to post new videos and what does your typical video look like?

“Early bird” incentives

In the early days of your channel, you’ll want your audience to grow quickly. You’re trying to build momentum, after all. 

Because of this, don’t leave it up to chance whether someone decides to sign up. See if you can find ways to reward early subscribers.

Do the first 50 customers get access to an exclusive piece of content? Do they receive a membership discount? Be deliberate about the incentives you build into your pre-launch efforts.

6. Launch your channel

With your first video uploaded or your first live stream planned out, it’s time to get the word out.


Make sure that you announce your new Boon.tv channel anywhere you already have an audience: Your email list, your social media, or the busy corner of the street by your local grocery store.


Your first-time viewers will likely have lots of questions and comments. So set aside some time and be ready to engage with the audience from the very start.

7: Get feedback, tweak, rinse, repeat

Congratulations! You’re officially live! 

Your videos are getting views and your audience is starting to interact with you.

But don’t forget that your work is just beginning. 

When you’re first starting out, it’s natural to feel highly motivated. You’re doing something new and exciting, and it’s so rewarding to see those subscriber numbers go up!


Over time, however, routine and fatigue set in. It becomes hard to keep yourself motivated if things appear to be stagnating. 

To prevent this from happening, make sure you invite audience feedback at all times. This isn’t a one-way relationship. 


Your customers can quickly become your best sparring partners. They’ll open up a world of new possibilities by requesting specific video types or inspiring you to cover new topics. 

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