How much can you make as a Boon Creator?

April 22, 2021


If you’re like most Boon Creators, sharing knowledge and awesome content is a passion of yours.

You’d probably be doing it whether you got paid for it or not.


At the same time, you’ve got bills to pay. So you may start to wonder just how much money you can earn from live streaming and videos on Boon.

Let’s find out!

What’s behind your earning potential?

First things first.

The success of your Boon channel and the earnings potential of your live streams and videos depend on a bunch of different things. Let’s look at the main ones:

How many followers do you have?

It’s simple: The more existing followers you have, the more money you can hope to make through live streaming and video content.


Without followers, you’ll have to find alternative ways to promote your Boon channel and drive new traffic to your page. Not to say it can’t be done, but Boon Creators with an existing audience will definitely have a head start here.

How many of these are “super fans”?

Now, not all of your followers are equally engaged. In fact, most of them will probably “Like” your page once and then do little else to interact with you

What you’re after are your “super fans”---the ones who actively engage with your content, leave comments, and share your posts. They open their Facebook or Instagram in the hopes of seeing a new update from you.

If you’re hoping to grow your Boon membership, your super fans are the place to start.

How many are potential Boon members?

Sure, they may love your free content, but even super fans might be reluctant to actually pay money for your live streams and videos. At best, only a small percentage of them will consider supporting you financially.


To increase your chances, you’ll want to make your Boon page irresistible. Create an effective teaser video. Tell your fans about the awesome extra content they’ll get by becoming members. Create a few different membership tiers so that people can pick the one they can afford.

This brings us to...

What is your membership fee?

The fee you charge for your Boon membership directly affects how much you can earn. Price it too high, and you won’t get enough members signing up. Price it too low, and you might just be underselling yourself.


We recommend designing several membership tiers around your content. This way, the most loyal fans can splash on the expensive membership, while others can still afford to support you without going broke.


Remember: Boon also lets you sell videos on a per-view basis, so your fans can get a taste of your content before committing to a full-blown membership.


Putting it all together

To sum up, how much you can make from live streaming and videos comes down to this funnel:

boon member funnel

It starts with you gaining a following on social media. Then you turn some of your followers into engaged super fans. Finally, you promote your Boon channel to these and give them a reason to sign up. 


And just like that, you’ve earned a few Boon members.

How much can you make? An example.

To help you better visualize things, let’s look at the following hypothetical case:


Monthly Boon earnings 

How much can you earn with your membership program on Boon?


# of social followers


% of super-fans

15% ***

# of super-fans


% of super-super fans joining you on Boon

3% ***

# of Boon members


Monthly membership price


Monthly earnings



*** Benchmark estimation, numbers can vary


As you can see, an existing following of 50,000 may bring in well over $5,000, depending on your membership fees and conversion rates.

Don’t forget about the community aspect

So far, we’ve only focused on your monetary earnings.


But starting a Boon channel is about more than making cold, hard cash. It’s about getting much closer to your audience and building a vibrant, thriving community. With Boon, you can share all sorts of files and media with your fans, participate in conversations, and launch polls to pick their brains.


Don’t neglect the impact that nurturing your members and growing a community can have on your business.


In the short term, engaged members will be instrumental in helping you become better. They’ll give you honest, immediate feedback after each live stream. They’ll pitch in with ideas and topics for your future videos. And they’ll make your Boon channel come to life with passionate discussions.


Over time, as your Boon community grows, the number of super fans will grow with it. 


And---as we’ve already seen---it’s only a few steps from a super fan to a paying member.

It’s all in your hands

At the end of the day, what you earn from live streaming and videos depends entirely on your goals and the effort you put in.


Do you want to make membership free and quickly grow a devoted community of loyal members? Or are you trying to build a self-sustaining business so that you can earn a comfortable living on Boon?


If it’s the latter, be realistic with yourself. 


Be prepared to upload regular video content and host multiple live streams per month. Make a plan for how you’ll promote yourself and your channel. Use the tools available to you on Boon to engage with your community in a genuine way. Make it worthwhile for your members to tune in, time after time.


No business is built in a day. It’ll take time and consistency to grow your pool of paying members. But the seeds you’ll sow today are bound to bear fruit in the months to come.


At Boon, we love nothing more than seeing our Creators succeed. Our site is built with you in mind: We provide you with the tools to monetize your content and grow your community. If you’re ever stuck or need help, we’re never more than a phone call away.


In short: We’re here to give you the best possible platform for your video content.

As for the rest?

Well, the rest is entirely up to you!

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