How to turn your followers into Boon members

April 22, 2021


Let’s face it: No matter how many people follow you on social media, getting them to pay for your content will be a challenge.


But if you want to earn a living doing what you love, you’ll eventually have to start converting followers into paying Boon members.


Let’s look at the six ways you can set your Boon channel up for success and get more members signing up.

1. Craft your offer

The best Boon Creators deliver awesome extra value to their members and communicate this clearly upfront. 


Be very deliberate in crafting your Boon identity and your offer: Why should your followers join you on Boon? What content can they expect?


If you’re just starting out, invest time into putting together your “elevator pitch.” Why are you passionate about sharing your content and what benefits does it bring to your members? We definitely recommend putting together a great teaser video that sells your concept.


If your Boon channel is already up and running, engage your existing members to help you fine-tune the message. Ask what’s been working best for them and what they think you can do better. You might just be surprised by what you’ll learn. 


Maybe the benefits you thought were most valuable aren’t all that important to your members. Similarly, you might uncover an unexpected reason your members actually tune in to your live streams and videos. Take this as an opportunity to change and improve your message.

2. Tweak your pricing

Your followers aren’t all the same.


They have different backgrounds, expectations, and ability to pay for your content. They are also not equally invested in your brand.


That’s why it’s a good idea to create a few separate membership tiers and payment options. For instance, you might want to offer a complete membership to your most engaged fans and have a scaled-down version for the others. This lets followers pick what works best for them and increases the number of members you’re likely to get.


Boon also lets you experiment with pay-per-view videos. Use this to gauge how much demand there is and adjust your membership offers accordingly.


Remember that you can always engage your existing members and ask for their opinion on the membership tiers: How much value do they get out of their membership? What additional content would they be willing to pay more for?


Pay special attention to any promises built into your membership that you’re struggling to live up to. If you can no longer deliver three live streams per week, it’s perfectly okay to scale down and reduce the price of your membership. Just make sure you give your members a heads-up in advance.


3. Keep your promotion consistent

As much as you’d like it to be true, you’re not the only one in your followers’ lives. 


They’re bombarded by emails, social media posts, and all sorts of other content on a daily basis.


To increase your chances of being noticed, you have to be deliberate about how you promote your Boon channel. So schedule this promotion into your calendar.


To help you do this, consider creating content around specific themes and topics on a weekly basis. For instance:


  • Week 1: My Boon content vs. my free content
  • Week 2: Reviews and stories from existing Boon members
  • Week 3: Sign-up discounts for new members
  • Week 4: Asking followers what content they’d like to see on Boon


You can even break each week down further to help you stay on track:


  • Monday: Formal reminder about your Boon channel sent via social media
  • Tuesday: Teaser content to email subscribers
  • Wednesday: Shoutouts to existing Boon members
  • ...and so on


This lets you keep focused and deliver a consistent message throughout each week.

4. Reward loyalty

Your most committed members deserve special treatment. After all, they’re the backbone of your future business.


Boon lets you reward their loyalty by offering a discounted price if they sign up for more than one month at a time. Take advantage of this option to show them that you value their continued membership.


Doing so also signals to your followers that you’re in this for the long term: You’re not planning to shut down your Boon channel overnight.

5. Stay engaged

Apart from your video content and live streams, Boon membership offers your fans a more intangible benefit: A closer connection to you.


Boon lets you engage directly with your followers by sharing extra content and participating in digital conversations. Don’t neglect this opportunity to interact with your members and get closer to them.


Over time, you’ll grow a passionate community around your channel. In turn, this will make it even more worthwhile for new members to join.

6. Mix up your marketing

We get it: You don’t want to be seen as a walking billboard for your Boon channel. Nothing turns followers off more than constant self-promotion.


So yeah: Don’t just do that all the time!


It’s okay to directly promote your Boon channel every once in a while, but it’s often better to stick to a more subtle approach.


There are many more natural ways to remind followers of your Boon membership:


  • Casually refer to past Boon videos in relevant social media posts
  • Give occasional shoutouts to Boon members on Facebook and Instagram
  • Refer to conversations happening on your Boon channel when someone asks a question related to its topic
  • ...and so on


This makes it clear to your followers that there’s another universe of your content out there, without coming off as pushy or salesy.

Time to get to work!

Followers don’t become members automatically. 


You’ll have to constantly deliver amazing content and stay engaged in all of your channels. You’ll have to test and tweak your membership offering to find what works best.


But if you stay true to your passion---the reason your followers already love you---you’ll eventually see your Boon membership reach new heights.


So roll up those sleeves and get to it. 

We’re rooting for you!


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