How to increase your Boon membership

April 23, 2021


So you got your Boon channel set up.




Now what?


The next challenge is to drive traffic to your Boon profile and start converting followers into paying members. But how exactly do you do that?


Let’s look at the five pillars of putting together a marketing plan to increase your Boon membership.

1. Know your competition

Unless you’re operating in an extremely tiny niche, you probably have competitors.


That’s...a good thing. 


First, it tells you there’s demand for the type of content you create. Second, it gives you the chance to draw inspiration from other creators in your space.


Look at your competition and try to narrow it down to a few creators who are the most like you. This means they offer similar content via similar mediums with a similar perspective.


Once you have that shortlist of creators, it’s time to analyze them. Start by asking the following:


  • What is their vision (or their “elevator pitch”)?
  • What do they offer their followers or members?
  • How do they structure their membership tiers?
  • How much do they charge?
  • How often do they post content?
  • What channels do they use to reach their audience?
  • What do they do extremely well?
  • What is their “X-factor” - what makes them stand out?


This gives you a solid template for what works in this space and helps you arrive at your own positioning.


You might even want to follow them and check out their membership to learn what they do behind the scenes.


As you do the above, start identifying any potential gaps that you can fill:


  • What do you think they can do better?
  • Are there any topics they’re not covering?
  • Do you have fresh ideas that none of them have?
  • Can you expand and build on something they’ve only briefly touched upon?


Now put everything you’ve learned into shaping your own vision and offer. 


Mind you, this doesn’t mean copying their ideas outright. This is about getting inspiration to find your own voice and carve out a space for your brand. So take what works, make it better, and inject your own personality and perspective into it.

2. Know your audience

No matter what content you create, there’s an audience on the receiving end. If your content doesn’t connect with them, you can’t hope to gain many members.


So try to dig deeper to understand who your core followers are. You can use the concept of “Personas” to segment your audience into different groups based on their interests, engagement level, willingness to pay for content, and so on.


For each persona or target group, try to identify:


  • What are their life goals related to your content? What were they looking for when they discovered you?
  • What content apart from yours do they consume and engage with?
  • Which of your videos or live streams seem to appeal most to them?
  • How do they discover content and information, both online and offline?


Your goal here is not to specify these personas down to the tiniest of details. All you’re doing is trying to understand their key motivations and how best to address these. This will help you further shape your voice, your message, and your delivery.


Instead of crafting bland, generic messages, personas give you the chance to reach your audience on their level and tweak your message for maximum effect.

3. Know yourself

Once you know who you’re competing against and who you’re trying to address, you can begin to understand your own vision in that broader context. Try to pinpoint what makes you unique and to craft a concept that resonates with your audience.


Consider the following:


  • Which words best describe you as a Creator and your Boon channel? Answering this will help shape your future messaging.
  • What are the key messages you want to get across? Are you here to inspire? To transform? To teach? Narrowing down the purpose behind what you do will give you something to incorporate into your marketing.
  • Set your boundaries: Do you invite members into your personal world or do you strictly stick to teaching your skills? Do you show behind-the-scenes stuff or do you only share the final product? Do you collaborate with and promote the work of other Creators in your niche?


If you’re stuck, don’t hesitate to ask your members and fellow Creators for their opinion. How do they perceive you? You might just gain unexpected insights that will help you finetune your message and content.

4. Know your goals

Whether you’ve articulated them or not, you’re on Boon to achieve certain goals.


Maybe you want to get exposure and reach the broadest possible audience. Or maybe you hope to start earning a full-time income doing what you love. 


Spend some time narrowing down your goals. Be as specific as you can. Here are some ways you can structure your goals:


  • Increase Boon membership to 1,000 in 2021
  • Host at least 4 live streams per month
  • Upload at least 2 videos every week
  • Increase live stream participation rate to 60% 


Having measurable goals and timelines will help keep you focused and motivated.

5. Know your approach

With the above pillars in mind, you’re ready to craft a marketing plan and increase your membership.


Create a top-level plan for promoting your Boon channel by answering the following:


  • What marketing channels will you use?
  • What kind of content will you share on social media?
  • How often will you promote your Boon channel vs. posting other content?
  • How will you announce the launch of a new video?
  • What types of messages will you send to your email list?


Once you nail down your general marketing approach, you’ll have a solid structure for planning the day-to-day marketing activities.


Get the word out!

That’s it! 


You now have the ingredients to cook up an effective marketing plan and start growing your Boon membership.


Engage with both your followers and your competitors. Test different marketing messages. Do more of what works. Learn from your mistakes. Rinse, repeat.


Most importantly, remember why you’re doing this in the first place. Your fans follow you for a reason. They actually expect to hear from you, so there’s no shame in promoting your Boon channel, your content, and your membership offers.

So get yourself out there and have fun with it!


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