How to make the best intro video for your Boon page

May 10, 2021


The idea of making an intro video can be daunting.

After all, most of us aren’t natural-born camera stars. 

At the same time, nothing holds our attention quite like video content. Anyone who stopped scrolling through Facebook to watch a clip of cats falling off things knows this to be true.


That’s why an intro video is often the single best way to convince followers to become members. In fact, studies show that video can increase conversions by up to 80%.


As a Boon Creator, you’ve already taken the plunge into delivering video content, so you’re well ahead of the crowd.


An intro video is especially relevant if your core Boon content is focused on video production. (Say, if you’re teaching people to make better Youtube videos or if you make your own short films.) But any Boon Creator will benefit from adding an intro video to their Boon page.


With that in mind, let’s look at how you can put together the best intro video.


What to include in your teaser video

First, let’s have a look at what you might include in your teaser video. None of these elements are set in stone, so consider this a rough script for your first intro video.

1. Introduce yourself

Yes, people watching the teaser video will often be your existing followers, so they’ll already have a pretty good idea of who you are. 

But not everyone will.

Just in case, give a short introduction about who you are and what you do.


Keep in mind that anyone viewing this video is already considering to support you. So there’s no need for a hard sell here. Just be genuine and let the passion for your craft shine through.

2. Spell out your vision

Go a step deeper. Invite people into your world.

What drives you? What are your dreams and goals? What will your members’ support allow you to achieve?

Be honest about why you need their support: Is it to earn a living, cover the production costs, or something else entirely?


Remember: Members are motivated just as much by your vision as they are by what they get out of your content.

3. Explain what Boon is

Not every viewer will instinctively know what Boon is about. 


Briefly introduce them to the platform, why you’ve decided to use it, and what it allows you to do. 

You can highlight how it lets them support your creative pursuits while getting exclusive content you don’t post elsewhere.

4. Tell them what to expect

The next step is to set the right expectations.

Tell them what types of video content you’ll be offering. What topics will you focus on? How often do you plan on going live or uploading videos?


Try to keep your commitments at a high level. Your exact weekly schedule can change in the future, so avoid getting too specific. You probably don’t want to reshoot your teaser video every time you make a small tweak to the schedule.

5. Specify the benefits

This is where you should outline the key benefits you offer on Boon.

What exclusive content do your Boon members get compared to followers on other social media channels? Do they get other perks?


If you’re offering a few separate membership types---and we recommend that you do---briefly explain the differences between them. Here, you might also point out that your videos are available on a pay-per-view basis, if your Boon channel allows that.

You don’t have to dive into a detailed list of benefits. (The description text for each Boon membership already lets you do that.) Again, just keep this comparison broad. That way, you can adjust the membership tiers going forward without changing the teaser video.


That’s it for the key elements of a solid intro video. Mix and match them as you see fit!

Tips for making your teaser video

If you’ve never put together a teaser video before, here are a few general tips to keep in mind.

1. Just be yourself

No, we don’t mean this in a “motivational poster” kind of way.

This is about staying true to your craft and your abilities. 

If you’re a seasoned video expert, by all means, feel free to make a teaser video with flashy visual effects and a music soundtrack to rival a Hollywood movie.

But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with simply standing in front of a camera and speaking directly to your audience. Stick to whatever best lets your personality and vision come across. 


People crave authenticity. Give it to them.

2. Don’t stress the technical stuff

“Do I need multiple cameras?” “An expensive microphone?” “Shall I hire a professional video crew?”

The answer is a simple “No.” You really don’t have to over-engineer this.

Making an intro video isn’t as hard as you may think.


Everything you need for a solid teaser video is likely within your arm’s reach. Yes, we’re talking about your phone camera. All you need is a way to anchor it---like a tripod or a phone stand---and you’re good to go!


No phone at hand? Then even the webcam on your laptop will do in a pinch. Just make sure there’s enough light around you and sit close enough for the built-in mic to pick up what you’re saying.


Yes, it really is that simple!

3. Keep it short

Here are some numbers: 45% of viewers will stop watching a video after the first minute. By the 2-minute mark, that number rises to 60%.

That means you have about two minutes to get your key message across. Note that your video doesn’t have to cut off at that time, but you do need to make your main point by then.

You can certainly cover the basics---the five script elements we’ve introduced above---in the first two minutes.


So keep the teaser video short and sweet. The best way to keep yourself on track is to write up a script and stick to it. 

4. Publish now. Revisit later.

To use a tired phrase: “Don’t let perfect get in the way of good.”

Try not to overthink yourself into doing nothing. Get the first version of your teaser video out there fast, then leave it alone for a while.


Over time, you’ll finetune your Boon concept, learn how to make more professional videos, and gain a better idea of the benefits you’d like to offer.

At that point, you can make an updated video that incorporates everything you’ve learned. 


Remember this: The first teaser video will not be your last.  

So grab that phone, press “Record,” and publish your teaser video right away. There’s no time like now.


Good luck!


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