Just breathe: Live streaming tips for keeping your cool

April 14, 2021


Live streaming is one of the most authentic ways to connect with your audience around the world. But it can also be nerve-wrecking.


Palms are sweaty...

Knees weak…. 

Arms are heavy...

Eminem lyrics? Or an accurate description of the nerves that hit right before you go live? 

We say both. And you’re definitely not alone if that’s how you feel, too.

But as the saying goes, sometimes the scariest things in life are the most worthwhile. 

Live streaming is perhaps the most authentic way to connect with your audience and gain fans all over the world...just with a simple click of a button.

According to a recent article from Vimeo, live streaming has exploded, and there’s no sign it will be slowing down anytime soon. By the end of 2020, live streaming accounted for 82% of all Internet traffic.

So now’s just the right time to take advantage of this opportunity to grow your digital business.

But how do you get the confidence to push that “Go Live” button?! 

We have good news: You can cultivate the confidence to go live. It comes with practice and a few pointers from your friends here at Boon.

Read on to pick up a few live streaming tips for building your confidence.

1. Rehearse out loud 🗣

Do a few dress rehearsals out loud. 

It may sound silly, but start with a “pretend” broadcast in front of the mirror to practice your posture, tone, and body language. 

Studies show we get 55% of the info in any conversion via body language. That’s why it’s key to observe what you’re communicating with your body.

After that, you’re ready to do an on-camera tech rehearsal. Pretend you’re really going live: Put your phone on its tripod, check your lighting, set up your microphone, and film yourself talking through the key points you want to deliver to your audience.

Rehearsing out loud instead of in your head will make you a lot more mentally and physically prepared.

2. Get inspired by others ✨

Nature has mixed and remixed matter to create our current universe. Mankind has mixed and remixed ideas to create our current global society. New art, literature, and music are constantly recycled from existing works.

So don’t shy away from doing research and drawing inspiration from others. Watch other creators, YouTubers, and live streamers. Fuse their style with your own. But also observe the things you don't believe are working, then use this input for your own performance.

3. Be your authentic self 🙏

If you’re freaking out about tripping over your words or pushing the wrong button, relax! Perfection is not the goal when you go live. 

In fact, it’s often better if you’re not perfect.

People crave authenticity. Live video is an incredibly powerful format for building authentic, human-to-human relationships.

When your audience tunes in to your live streams, they want to experience the real you. Stop fighting imperfection, and confidence will follow. 

Remember: If you’re truly passionate about your content, you’ll be great! No one will remember you mumbling or clicking on the wrong icon. We promise. 

4. Juice up your devices 🔌

Seeing that “low battery” notification flash across the screen before you go live is no bueno. (Trust us on this one.)

The best way to avoid that sinking feeling? Make sure your cell phone --- or whatever device you use for live streaming --- is fully charged before you start. Even better? See if you can keep your device plugged in throughout the entire stream.

To help you stay on top of all the technicalities, we’ve put together a printable live stream checklist. Feel free to hang it up on a wall in your studio, office, or wherever it is you live stream from!

live streaming tips you didnt come this far to only come this far

5. Get honest feedback from your audience 👀

Let’s face it. You won’t gain confidence by fishing for compliments. You’ll do so by asking for honest feedback from people who’re willing to give it. 

After each live stream, ask your audience for honest, constructive feedback. 

The Boon platform lets Creators ask the audience for feedback after each event. This can help you pinpoint what your fans really  loved and what you can do even better.

Remember to embrace both the good and the bad. Keeping track of how you improve over time will give you more confidence with each event.

Some of our Creators even share their reviews on social media. This helps them reinforce their reputation with social proof. 

See how Jennie from “meet you at the barre” highlights her audience reviews through her Instagram highlight.

Get out there and make us proud!

We hope you found these confidence-building live streaming tips helpful. 

Now let your hair down and enjoy. Every time you hit “Go Live,” you’re opening up for new, unforgettable experiences. Mistakes? Well, they’re part of the fun - just another step on your journey to becoming a superstar live streamer.

Remember: The most important step is to start. Nothing good ever happens if you don’t. 🌈

Have any live streaming tips that didn’t make our list? We’d love to hear them. Reach out to hello@boon.tv. 

If you’re a Creator and want to learn more about Boon book a chat directly with our Creator Success Team.