The Complete Guide to Growing Your Online Fitness Business

October 13, 2021


Guest post by Abigail Sel; Founder of BeLuxe Creative

Taking your fitness business online is arguably the best thing you can do for future growth, especially in today’s day and age. If you’re already exclusively online, congrats, you’re already a step ahead of the competition!

Moreover, in the wake of the pandemic, not only has it forced businesses and consumers alike to seek out online opportunities, but it has largely become the norm because of its apparent and undeniable value on both extremes.

With consumers communicating their desire for convenience in a digital world, and businesses beginning to see the real value in the online ecosystem, you as an online fitness business must adapt to the times.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how YOU can grow your online business and take it to new heights. First, we’ll touch on the value that social media has on business. Next, we’ll discuss the importance of implementing an effective digital marketing strategy. Lastly, we’ll recommend some key tools and techniques that you can use in your online business for optimal growth in 2021.

The landscape has changed because of COVID-19 and all that it has brought along with it. It’s time to react, adapt, and grow.

By the end of this article, hopefully, you can walk away with key actionable steps to grow your online presence, and thus your bottom line! Let's get into it. 

The Value of Social Media in a Digital World

In today’s online ecosystem, especially as a business, you’re arguably irrelevant and ultimately non-existent if you don’t have a social media page. While this is somewhat of an extremist point of the view, the fact of the matter is that it’s true in most cases, especially as an online fitness business.

With several popular social platforms available (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, etc.), you as an online fitness business must take advantage of them. 

Not only can you as a business promote your offerings and tell your brand story, but you can reach an audience you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. This, for obvious reasons, can have a huge impact on the size of your business, the reputation of your business, and ultimately your bottom line.

Below are several of the most common benefits of having a social media page(s) as an online fitness business:

  • Get Your Message Out to the Masses (Tell Your Story)

  • Grow Your Audience (With Little to No Investment) 

  • Stay Relevant 

  • Gather Data About Competitors 

  • Increase Revenue & Profits

  • Build Brand Identity & a Loyal Client-Base 

  • Promote Offerings, Sales, & Discounts

  • Enhance Customer Service

Engage With Your Audience!

Whether through private Facebook groups, Instagram stories, post comments, or DM’s, engaging with your audience is a surefire way to increase your following, enhance your brand reputation, and ultimately acquire and retain new customers. 

Using Social Media as an online business is a balancing act. While it’s an incredible tool for promoting and selling your services, you don’t want to sell sell sell! Instead, post engaging content, informative content, AND promotional content, and be sure to engage with your audience throughout. 

For inspiration, check out Rhiannon Bailey who does a brilliant job of engaging with her audience directly and building a trusted audience. Her Instagram is here and Boon profile is here.

Communication is Key!

Similar to engagement, communication is key to growing your online fitness business. Whether through email, messenger, text, DM’s, or even in the comment section of a post, you need to remain in constant contact with your audience.

Not only will this allow for a level of trust and reliability to grow between you and your customer, but it will also provide you with the unique opportunity to listen to your audience, whether it’s positive or negative feedback. 

As any type of communication goes, listening is the most important part. As mentioned earlier, don’t just sell, sell, sell! Listen to your audience and act accordingly. Customer service is of many necessities of a business and it’s an effective way to indirectly impact your ROI. 

Jen Browne, aka Meet You at the Barre, is a fantastic example of a creator who genuinely listens to and connects with her audience. Her Instagram is here and Boon profile is here.

The Importance of Having a Digital Marketing Strategy

Online advertising has become the modern billboard. Not only is it more cost-efficient but it’s 10 times more effective. 

As such, implementing an effective digital marketing strategy that encompasses digital advertising, social media marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing, and link-building, among other things, is imperative to growing your online fitness business. 

Without an effective digital marketing strategy, your online business will likely become stagnant. In what follows, we’ll briefly discuss a few important digital marketing implements that will allow you to optimize and grow your online fitness business for the long term. 

Note that the following isn’t a complete list, however, it’s certainly a great place to begin!

SEO and Link-Building

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the process of growing your website or social media traffic through unpaid means. One example of this would be link-building. Link building is the process of increasing the number of links inbound to your website with the aim of increasing your overall SEO ranking.

In short, it’s a strategy used to get your online business in front of more eyes via search engines (ex. Google). 

Influencer Marketing & Collaboration

Relating to the value of social media in a digital world, influencer marketing and collaboration is a strategy used to further promote your products or services. By collaborating with non-compete brands, relatable PR events, and associative influencers with large and loyal followings, you increase your chances of growth and traffic.

Influencer marketing is an incredibly effective subset of social media marketing and depending on your online fitness business niche, might be the right strategy for you!

Social Ads

Social media ads can be leveraged in several ways on several different platforms. Whatever you choose, implementing paid social ads is a great way to grow your business, gain traffic, capture new audiences, and promote your products and services to a greater demographic. 

It’s also an effective way to gain relevant data on your competitors, customer preferences, and ultimately decipher what’s working and what's not so that you can adjust accordingly.

The Three C's: Create Consistent Content

As mentioned throughout this article, building an online fitness business requires diligent attention to social media and digital marketing strategies. With that said, none of the above is worth it if you aren’t going to create consistent content!

Content is the backbone of online businesses, whether you’re in the fitness industry or not. It’s what allows you to remain relevant; it’s what provides your audience with value; it’s what allows you to create brand identity; it’s the primary mechanism of communication and engagement.

As they say in the social media industry, content is king. That statement couldn’t be more true! Below are a few final tips that will help you stay consistent, remain creative, and become an online fitness powerhouse!

  • Build Out a Monthly Content Plan: This will consist of ideas that you’ve generated ahead of time that likely follow a strict posting schedule that aligns with your digital marketing strategy.
  • Repurpose Old Content: Now, this does not mean copy old content. It simply means using old content as a reference point in times of a creator's block or lack of upcoming content.
  • Experiment With Different Content: A large part of your social media strategy will be seeing what works and what doesn’t. In other words, what type of content is converting and experiencing higher engagement? Only through experimentation and trial and error will you find out what works for your business.

Remember, content is king. In order to stay relevant, provide value, and ultimately convert and grow your online fitness business, you need to create consistent content.

Wrap Up

Growing your online fitness business, especially in the wake of the pandemic can be difficult and discouraging at times. However, by implementing the tools, techniques, and strategies discussed in this article, you’ll be well on your way to reaching heights you never thought possible.

In conclusion, if you’re not yet on social media, or if you don’t even have a website, it’s time to get moving! If you are, congrats! It's now time to begin the implementation of your digital marketing strategy. 

Soon enough, you’ll be reaping the rewards of experiencing growth like never before!

Good luck. :)


BeLuxe Creative is a boutique digital marketing agency that is based in the UK and US, helping fitness creators gain a competitive advantage using digital marketing. If you’re interested in finding out more, feel free to reach out.

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